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Final Report 2022

The world show - international capital of the classic universe

  • Original and role model: the TECHNO-CLASSICA ESSEN
  • attractive and market-leading
  • Automobile passion unbroken

Essen, 27 March 2022

With more than 1,000 exhibitors, more than 150 club presentations and official stands of the leading trading companies on the market, Techno-Classica Essen with its 32nd edition once again made the Ruhr metropolis the capital of the classic car universe after a two-year break from the Corona. This is where the protagonists of the international classic car and automobile scene and enthusiasts who care for the preservation of automotive cultural assets with heart and mind met for the opening of the season. They presented the entire spectrum of the classic car world to the visitors in the newly designed Essen exhibition halls. The guests were able to admire more than 2,700 collectors' vehicles on display - and purchase around 1,800 of them directly on the spot.

In the huge range of vehicles on offer in the 9 exhibition halls and the two open-air grounds, there was a classic car to suit every taste and budget - from affordable youngtimers such as a Triumph Spitfire or a Mercedes SLK from 2009 for a few thousand euros to Ferraris in the double-digit million euro range.

A special distinction was the official 100th anniversary of the Italian coachbuilder Zagato, which was celebrated with all 6 different models of Aston Martin with Zagato bodies around the SIHA pavilion in Hall 5 and opened by Andrea Zagato and the company management.

Good business in times of crisis

The Techno-Classica Essen thus once again lived up to its claim to be the "World Fair for Oldtimers, Classic & Prestige Automobiles, Motor Sport, Motorcycles, Spare Parts, Restoration and World Club Meeting": For the exhibitors from more than 30 nations, it was the ground for good business despite Corona and the Ukraine war - this applies not only to the vehicle trade but also to the other exhibition areas such as art, automobilia, model cars and literature. The multitude of "Sold" signs on the vehicles of all price classes showed that with the Techno-Classica the time of waiting was over: If the classic car market was considered rather difficult in the last two years, the world show obviously stimulated the worldwide desire to buy, sometimes perhaps also to invest capital.

Precious cars in demand

Nick Aaldering, managing director of the Dutch trading professional "Gallery Aaldering", had already sold nine valuables in the six-figure euro range from his range of 30 classic cars on the Saturday of the fair - from the Maybach to the Dino Ferrari to the Maserati 3500 GT Spider. "Buyers have become more critical. But those who offer their automobiles at realistic prices find determined buyers," Aaldering analysed the situation.

Martin Stromberg, Managing Director of Classic Data from Bochum, the oldest and market-leading company for the valuation of classic vehicles in Germany, confirmed the assessment: "The classic car market has retained its stability even in Corona times and has remained predictable - it has consolidated at a high level." Internationally renowned dealers such as Eberhard Thiesen from Hamburg, Gerhard Wolf, Managing Director of "Auto Toy Store" in Starnberg or Jaroslav Vrabec from AVC in Prague and Shawn Dougan from Hyman Ltd in Missouri/USA reported good sales results.

Best of Show is an ALFA in a tailor-made suit

A 12-member international jury headed by Dutchman Maikel de Munnik chose the world's best automobile from more than 150 Concours d'Élégance participants - a responsible task: a perfectly restored 1954 ALFA Romeo 1900 SS with Ghia bodywork from dealer Eberhard Thiesen in Hall 1, Stand 136 was chosen by the experts and journalists as the "Best of Show 2022". Of particular interest: the prize for a Bugatti T 37 from 1924, which was kept in pristine original condition in the winter garden of a hotel in New York between 1960 and 2019.

Classic car clubs and all the "scene" representatives on site

In addition to trade and industry presentations, the appearances of international classic car clubs have traditionally been among the main attractions of the Classic World Show: Around 160 classic car and brand clubs presented themselves and their services on lovingly designed stands - often with scenes from car history recreated ready for the stage.

With a particularly great deal of heart and soul, the Borgward IG designed a farm with completely unknown Borgward tractor prototypes and, under the leadership of its chairman Hartmut Loges, placed just behind the Unimog Veterans Club, whose scene with the railway track-laying team was awarded the prize for best club stand at the 2022 fair by the 50 club jurors.

But for the clubs, the Classic World Fair is more than just an infotainment show. Peter Schneider, Chairman of the German Oldtimer-Youngtimer Association (DEUVET). (DEUVET) says: "For us as representatives of the interests of the entire German classic car scene in politics, the Techno-Classica is the most important annual meeting place: here we can coordinate our planned political activities with decision-makers from the classic car scene."

In addition to DEUVET, other classic car interest groups also use Techno-Classica as a podium for their presentations - these include, for example, the World Federation of Classic Car Associations (FIVA) and its official German representative, the German Automobile Club (ADAC), which distributed its classic car guidebook hot off the press.

Stability of the classic car scene despite the crisis

The stable number of visitors and the positive course of business in the trade at the 32nd Techno-Classica showed that the preservation of classic vehicles is an important cultural asset and a sustainable occupation with the history of technology, even in times of crisis. The classic car is a stable investment whose use has an impact of not even 0.002% on precursor gases relevant to the climate - classic cars are a hobby that gives many sectors of society, trade and crafts an environmentally friendly occupation.

Collectors' and enthusiasts' vehicles, model cars, art, car literature with new book presentations and autograph sessions, classic car services, spare parts or even information about upcoming classic car events - there is nothing at the SIHA Techno-Classica World Fair that is not there, including races such as the 49th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. That's why enthusiasts are already looking forward to the 33rd edition of Techno-Classica Essen: it will take place from 12 to 16 April 2023.

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